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Off Balance Sheet Risks in Financial Accounting

Seminar Overview

Adelphia and Enron were penalized by investors, regulators, and bankers for undisclosed off-balance-sheet risks. Bankers must be equipped to perform due diligence on clients’ financial statements. Learn to be aware of accounting practices that can impact your clients’ financial position.

Length: One 60-minute session

Who will benefit?

This seminar is for financial analysts and credit officers needing information on off-balance-sheet risks in clients’ financial statements.

You will:

  • Understand the structure of leases and lease accounting with an emphasis on off-balance-sheet leases and related disclosure in the financial footnotes.
  • Identify when affiliate organizations are consolidated on financial statements and when they are kept off balance sheets, along with the accounting implications on the financial statements of each scenario.
  • Understand and identify basic off-balance-sheet items such as contingencies, commitments, and guarantees.
  • Understand the basic elements of transactions using variable interest entities (formerly known as special-purpose vehicles).

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  • Speakers or a headset.

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