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Risk Appetite Workbook

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As a membership benefit, individual RMA members can enjoy free downloads of the ERM workbooks. A free hard copy of each workbook is also available. (One copy per institution. Please contact your Regional Manager.)

The Risk Appetite Workbook is a practical guide to understanding and developing a risk appetite statement that is appropriate for your bank.

In the Workbook you will find:

  • The components of a risk appetite statement.
  • The steps involved in creating a risk appetite statement.
  • The roles and responsibilities of key participants.
  • A self assessment for your risk appetite framework.
  • An outline to engage your board of directors and senior management.

You will learn about the vital linkage between the bank’s activities and the amount and type of risk that the bank is willing to accept as it strives to deliver on its mission and business plans.

You will see how traditional functions like credit origination and limit setting fit within the risk appetite framework.

The Workbook provides you with:

  • Qualitative and quantitative statements to express risk.
  • Eleven (11) different types of risk to use in your risk appetite statement each with many examples of applicable measures.
  • Over twenty-five (25) ways to check on the effectiveness of your risk appetite framework and how deeply it is embedded in the risk culture.
  • Twenty (20) ways for the board to fulfill its risk governance responsibility.

The Workbook was developed by bankers for bankers, as part of RMA’s mission to provide practical and tangible solutions to risk management challenges faced by community and small regional banks.

The Workbook is for:
  • President.
  • CEO.
  • Chief Credit Officer.
  • Chief Financial Officer.
  • Business unit leaders.
  • Head of Compliance.
  • Head of Audit.
  • The point person for regulatory relations.
What are the benefits?
  • To meet regulatory requirements:
    –  For the existence of a risk appetite statement and supporting framework.
    –  For engaging and educating the board of directors in risk management matters.
  • To demonstrate sound risk management practice to your D&O insurance provider.
  • To facilitate the open, candid, and thoughtful discussion of strategy and risk across the entire bank.
  • To operationalize and enhance your risk culture.
How will this Workbook help me?
  • If you have not started, it will provide you with a do-it-yourself kit to get going.
  • If you have started already or have something in place, this will provide an objective way to compare approaches and diagnose gaps.
  • Our approach is scalable — one size does not fit all. Take away what is appropriate to your bank and apply it in a fashion that works for you.
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